San Diego, CA , March, 2013

Threat Radar Report, March 2013

Bank Fraud and Job Scams. Blots on the Threatscape. The Top Ten Threats.

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San Diego, CA , February, 2013

Threat Radar Report, February 2013

Academic Vanity Press: Who Gets Scammed? Free Isn't Always Better. Job Scammers Will Take Anyone's Money.

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San Diego, CA , January, 2013

Threat Radar Report, January 2013

Fact, Fiction, and Old-Time Movies, Virus Bulletin 2012 - two souvenirs  

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San Diego, CA , December, 2012

Global Threat Report, December 2012

ThreatBlogger FootSloggers Review 2012. ESET Papers and Articles in 2012.  

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San Diego, CA , November, 2012

Global Threat Report, November 2012

Deck the Halls with Hoaxes and Holly. Safer cyber-shopping makes for happier holidays: 12 simple safety tips. Windows 8: there’s more to security than the Operating System.  

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San Diego, CA , October, 2012

Global Threat Report, October 2012

Ever received a “Londoning” scam? Quantum of Soullessness. It’s not all about support scams. In God we trust. All others pay cash by credit card.   

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San Diego, CA , September, 2012

Global Threat Report, September 2012

Irish Ransomware Is No Joke. Defeating anti-forensics in contemporary complex threats. BYOD:(B)rought (Y)our (O)wn (D)estruction? Dorkbot: hunting zombies in Latin America. Malware and Mrs Malaprop: what do consumers really know about AV? (sponsor presentation). LAST-MINUTE PAPER: Gataka: a banking trojan ready to take off? LAST-MINUTE PAPER: ACAD/Medre: industrial espionage in Latin America? My PC has 32,539 errors: how telephone support scams really work. Cyberwar: reality, or a weapon of mass distraction?  

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San Diego, CA , August, 2012

Global Threat Report, August 2012

An Offer You Can’t Refuse. The Industrialization of Criminal Malware. Threatsense 2012 – the sequel. Mobile Mugging: Phoning in the Attack.  

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San Diego, CA , July, 2012

Global Threat Report, July 2012

Phishing Phrenzy. ACAD/Medre.A used for scareware. An updated version of an old scam. Passwords exposed: unfortunately Yahoo! is not alone. Some highlights from the Cybercrime Corner.  

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San Diego, CA , June, 2012

Global Threat Report, June 2012

ACAD/Medre: 10ks of AutoCAD Designs Leaked in Suspected Industrial Espionage.

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