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ALS/Pasdoc.N [Threat Variant Name]

Category virus
Size 1893 B
Aliases Virus.Acad.Pasdoc.n (Kaspersky)
  ALS/Bursted.virus (McAfee)
  Worm:ALisp/Copicad.A (Microsoft)
  ALS.Bursted.B (Symantec)
Short description

ALS/Pasdoc.N is a virus that spreads as automatically loaded AutoCAD script in accompaniment with *.dwg document.


ALS/Pasdoc.N arrives into the computer as automatically loaded AutoCAD file acaddoc.lsp in accompaniment with *.dwg document.

When the *.dwg document file is opened the program code of infiltration is executed automatically.

The virus searches for file base.dcl and then copies itself/file acaddoc.lsp into the folder containing searched file.

This causes the malware to spread automatically when opening AutoCAD application.


When the AutoCAD is launched the virus copies itself into document folder as "acaddoc.lsp" .

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